Compressed air push, pull & manuevre

The ARL model Easy Mover, has a forward and reverse movement, with dual revolving wheels to provide easy steering, enable versatile movement of fixtures, machines and wagons. The Easy Mover has a unique pneumatic bellows anchorage point system for easy adjustable work load coupling.

The Easy Mover is pneumatic, which brings a smooth variable adjustment insensible to overload.


ARL500A – Reversible/lift

Application: Wagons
Capacity: < 15 ton
Weight: 69 lbs
Force applied: 1100 lbs
Maximum speed: 65 ft/min
Air pressure: 85 psi
Air volume: 23 cfm/min


ARL1200A – Reversible/lift

Application: Wagons
Capacity: < 25 ton
Weight: 99 lbs
Force applied: 1980 lbs
Maximum speed: 56 ft/min
Air pressure: 85 psi
Air volume: 44 cfm/min